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expect_banners Personalization from the start

If you have already located your CMWL center and made an appointment for your initial consultation, here’s what to do next and what you can expect!

1. Complete Your Medical & Lifestyle Profile

Your visit starts even before you arrive. You should receive an email from the center with a link asking you to register for an online to fill out a weight-focused profile questionnaire. This will ask you about your medical history as it relates to weight, medications you may be taking, and a variety of lifestyle questions. Providing this basic information will serve to increase your provider’s ability to personalize your program experience.

2. Receive A Healthy Weight Screening

When you arrive at a CMWL center, you will receive a healthy weight screening. During your healthy weight screening, the CMWL center will check your blood pressure, and provide you with multiple, personalized metrics, including risk factors, associated with your weight. You will receive an individualized report to review your metrics and projected weight loss on each of the available plans offered by the center. Your healthy weight screening (and associated metrics) serve as baseline measures in tracking your progress at each step of your weight loss plan.

3. Consultation With The Provider

Finally, the CMWL provider will review your medical history, screening report, and profile questionnaire and then will sit down to get to know you. This is the time to open up about your weight loss goals and challenges, and what you truly want to get out of a weight loss plan. In order for the CMWL provider to meet your individual needs, he or she needs to get to know the whole you!

At the end of your visit, you’ll have a plan, personalized just for you!

If you decide to enroll in the program you’ll not only be following a medically proven weight loss approach, but also building a relationship with your CMWL provider, who will be your greatest support through the process.

If you haven’t scheduled your consultation yet, Find A Center near you now.

Initial consultation fees are dependent on the respective location of the CMWL center. Also, check with your insurance carrier and the local CMWL center to see if insurance coverage applies. You are under no obligation to continue with the program after your initial consultation visit.

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