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Your Best Workout Partner: How Group Exercise Can Boost Fitness

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Exercising with a partner or in a group fitness class has many health benefits, and it can be fun! Learn how to maximize your experience with these tips. 

You should feel slightly uncomfortable while you exercise, but when you exercise alone, this discomfort can feel like downright misery! But it shouldn’t feel this way, and it doesn’t have to if you do it with a partner or group. 

Sweating it out with a partner or in a group exercise class has a long list of health benefits. One study at Kansas State University found a workout partner can boost exercise time and intensity by 200 percent. Exercise is an important part of maintaining pounds lost on your medical weight loss plan. It’s a challenge, but if you find an activity you enjoy and the right partner, you may find yourself addicted to a great thing! Here are some tips to maximize your partner or group exercise experience:

Your best workout partner is quiet. A separate study at Kansas State University found individuals work out for a longer period of time when words of encouragement were kept to a minimum. (Now you have an excuse to ditch the boot camp-type classes, right?) Researchers think this is because hearing “Come on, you can do it! Just a little bit longer,” may come off as patronizing and condescending. 

He or she is also more fit than you. The study also found your best workout partner is 40 percent better than you. This also encourages you to exercise longer at an increased intensity because you don’t want to be perceived as weak or let your partner down. However, you don’t want to buddy up with someone completely out of your fitness range because it can lead to feeling discouraged. 

A buddy can keep you accountable. If it’s part of your schedule, you’re more likely to stick with it. Group exercise classes are usually set at a specific time, and if you sign up for a class or plan to meet a friend at the gym, you’ll feel like you made a commitment and be less likely to bail. 

It makes working out fun. Group exercise is a great way to make friends and catch up with old ones. You won’t skip your session if you enjoy it. Instead of meeting a friend for a meal, suggest taking a group fitness class. Try something new, have fun, and laugh at yourselves. If it’s social, you’ll look forward to it each week. 

It’s safe. If you’re newer to exercise, a group fitness class is an excellent place to start. Proper form is essential for a safe and effective workout. A certified instructor will guide you through a complete routine—warm up, cool down, conditioning, and stretching.

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