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healthy summer smoothies

4 Summer Treats to Cool You Off

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Here are four ways to go ‘beyond salad’ in your quest for light-yet-filling summer foods that fit into your medical weight loss plan (and as a bonus, none of them requires a hot oven or stove—or any cooking at all).

If you live in a place where the temperatures are soaring, you may be wondering how to keep your cool at the dinner table, too. Heavier meals may not appeal to you, but you know how important it is for your medical weight loss program to eat the right amount at the right time.  Staying cool and satisfied may require thinking a bit outside the box. Here are four ways to go ‘beyond salad’ in your quest for light-yet-filling summer foods (and as a bonus, none of them requires a hot oven or stove—or any cooking at all):

  1. Cold Soups. No, we won’t make you eat vichyssoise (unless you really want to). But there are a plethora of great cold soups perfect for summer’s heat. There are lots of new twists on the traditional Spanish gazpacho (cold tomato soup)—try using various types of heirloom tomatoes, and experiment with different herbs like cilantro and parsley. If you’re really adventurous, you can try adding some fruit like watermelon, which really amps up the flavor without adding many calories. Another option is a fresh cucumber soup made with reduced-fat milk and lots of fresh dill—easy and delicious!
  2. Seafood Nibbles. Fill up with chilled protein from the sea that’s ready in a flash. Try salmon lox rolled up with low-fat cream cheese and a slice of tomato. Or pretend you’re out to eat and pair shrimp (buy it already peeled and steamed) with homemade cocktail sauce.  Both of these go great with a chilled soup on the side and fit nicely into your Center for Medical Weight Loss Modified Program.
  3. All-Fruit Smoothies. These can be a great option to have as a treat with dinner. It’s simple—all you need are two to three different fresh fruits, ice, and a little juice. Or you can simply throw in 2 cups of frozen fruit, a ¼ cup of orange juice, and blend away. An all-fruit smoothie like this will have around 200 calories; be careful about adding extras like peanut butter, coconut, or lots of juice as this will quickly take the calories much higher.
  4. Homemade Frozen Yogurt. Ok, ‘homemade’ is a bit of a stretch. But there’s really nothing easier than this: Simply toss your favorite cup of yogurt into the freezer, leave it there for two hours, and enjoy! A treat that tastes like ice cream with a fraction of the calories and fat. (Those of you who are more adventurous in the kitchen can Google more involved homemade frozen yogurt recipes.) Some added benefits of the ‘just toss a cup in the freezer’ approach are built-in portion control and a Nutrition Facts label keeping you honest. Serve with extra fruit for an even fresher taste sensation! 

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