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healthy fall vegetables

Simple Tips to Savor Fall’s Harvest

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There's no need to hibernate from your farmer's market come autumn. Learn how to serve up fall’s best foods in a tempting array that also fits into your medical weight loss plan.

We often rue the end of summer and the delicious fruits suddenly out of season. However, the real shame is how few of us appreciate the vast array of fall fruits and  vegetables now becoming available. Fall’s harvest can be a bit intimidating: It’s chock-full of produce you may not know how to use. Don’t worry. There’s no need to hibernate from your farmer’s market come autumn—read on for our pick of the crop, and how to serve them up in a tempting array that fits into your medical weight loss plan, too!

Use Your Gourd. They’re not just for decoration. The astonishing selection of squash (members of the gourd family) available come fall is both nutritious and delicious. Find yourself puzzling over exactly how to extract what’s inside? Look no further than your oven—roasting squash is an easy way to get them table-ready. The key is planning ahead. You’ll need to roast larger varieties like butternut squash, acorn squash, or spaghetti squash for at least 45 minutes on a high heat. But that’s all you need to do! Simply split the squash lengthwise and place each half flesh side down on a baking sheet. Put it in the oven—and then put up your feet and relax! When it’s done, the skin will literally peel off, revealing delicious flesh that’s full of fiber to help keep you satisfied. Try sprinkling some curry powder on butternut squash, or cinnamon on acorn squash, and enjoy with some grilled chicken or turkey. Or add some chicken broth and blend the squash into a soup that keeps you warm on chilly fall evenings.

Savor Your Fruits. We all love the great fall fruits like apples and pears. But few know how easily these sweet things can work in savory dishes, too. Put baked apple slices over a lean pork chop, or puree pears and bell peppers (another great fall vegetable) to make a delicious sauce for grilled chicken. And don’t forget more exotic fall fruits like figs, pomegranates, and persimmons. Like their better-known counterparts, these are also excellent in savory dishes: in a sauce for lamb, and as part of hearty stews and rice-based dishes. Or mix them with couscous and toss in some chicken for a quick, filling, and delicious autumn dinner.The best part about fall’s fruits and vegetables is how well their flavors complement each other. So experiment mixing and matching different fall produce, and don’t forget to add in fresh herbs—like parsley and cilantro—that are also available now. You’ll likely yield a bounty of great  recipes that’ll leave you impatiently awaiting fall next year.

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