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Grilled Summer Fruit on Flatbread Recipe

Grilled Summer Fruit on Flatbread

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Servings: 2 

Estimated Total Preparation Time: 25 minutes

It’s so simple – and tasty – to grill up some fruit for a light and refreshing summer dinner. 

Recipe Nutritional Information:

Calories per Serving: 551

Total Protein per Serving: 17 grams 

Total Carbs per Serving: 119 grams

Total Fat per Serving: 4 grams

Saturated Fat per Serving: 1 grams

Total Fiber per Serving: 9 grams

Recipe Ingredients:

8 oz watermelon (about 4 slices, each about 4” x 2” x 1”)

2 large peaches, sliced thickly

2 tbsp fresh mint

3 tbsp honey

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

½ cup blackberries

½ cup blueberries

2 large (8-inch diameter, or about 2 ½ oz) flatbread

1 cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt 


Brush grill with vegetable oil and preheat. Place watermelon and peaches onto the grill. Grill on each side until marks are made. Set aside to let cool.  

While fruit is grilling, combine mint, honey, and vinegar. When grilled fruit is cool enough to handle, cut pieces into bite sizes and fold together with the berries. 

Arrange each flatbread on a plate. Cover each with ½ the fruit mixture and spread ½ cup Greek yogurt over it. Drizzle ½ the mint, honey, and balsamic mixture over top of each. Fold and serve while fruit is still warm. 


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