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  • High Protein Diets: Can They Help You Lose Weight?

    In Food & Nutrition

    If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably wondering what the “best” diet is for you to eat. Find out why The Center for Medical Weight Loss often recommends a high protein diet for weight loss.

  • Easy Diets for Taming Holiday Food Temptations

    In Food & Nutrition

    Holiday festivities traditionally revolve around food, and the pressure to overindulge can throw any well-intentioned dieter into a tailspin. Here’s how to make wise choices during the holiday season.

  • 3 Diet Myths Debunked

    In Food & Nutrition

    Why hasn’t the weight come off as you expected? Well, maybe because some of your so-called expertise needs re-examining! Here, we expose three big weight-loss myths.

  • The Hazards Of The Western Diet

    In Food & Nutrition

    American eating habits are often referred to as the “Western diet.” The Western diet is generally classified by foods that contain high calorie levels, but little nutrition. This translates into processed food and beverages with excessive sugar, saturated fats, and sodium, 40% of which is not prepared at home. With the Western diet, it can be said you are both stuffed and starved – stuffed full of calories, but starved for the wholesome nutrition a body needs to thrive.

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