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  • High Protein Diets: Can They Help You Lose Weight?

    In Food & Nutrition

    If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably wondering what the “best” diet is for you to eat. Find out why The Center for Medical Weight Loss often recommends a high protein diet for weight loss.

  • Best Gyms to Lose Weight Fast

    In Fitness Exercise

    Finding the best gym to lose weight can be overwhelming. Feel comfortable and confident about joining a fitness center with these tips. 

  • Can Going Gluten-Free Help You Lose Weight?

    In Food & Nutrition

    Celebrities, athletes, maybe even your next-door neighbor: Nearly everyone seems to be going gluten-free these days. You may have also heard about the weight loss many devotees say accompanies their new diet. Could giving gluten the boot help your medical weight loss program?

  • Can Organic Foods Help You Lose Weight?

    In Food & Nutrition

    Drinking water, exercising, and eating organic foods — three sure-fire ways to good health and, hopefully, your weight loss goal. Right? Well, kind of. See if switching to organically grown foods in the hopes of feeling better and weighing less is really the way to go.

  • Six Summer Olympic Sports to Inspire You To Lose Weight

    In Fitness Exercise

    You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to add an Olympic sport to your fitness regime! 

  • Brown Bag It: Pack a Healthy Lunch to Lose Weight

    In Food & Nutrition

    A brown-bagged lunch doesn't have to be boring. You can enjoy delicious meals on a medical weight loss plan. Follow these tips to build a healthy lunch.

  • 2013 Workout Playlist to Lose Weight Fast

    In Fitness Exercise

    If you're lacking that motivation to hit the gym, it may be time to spice up your workout playlist. The best workout songs hand-picked by the CMWL staff. 

  • 3 Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight

    In Food & Nutrition

    If you've always been the first one on your block to get the latest and greatest gadget out there, you'll be happy to know that being a gadget geek can help with your medical weight loss program, too. Here are three cool things to help keep you on the losing side.

  • Finding Ways to Lose Weight: Your Patriotic Duty?

    In General Health Behavior

    As you’re fretting over ways to stick to your medical weight loss program at your Fourth of July picnic, consider how losing weight and getting in shape are other ideas for celebrating your patriotism today.

  • Knowing Your Basal Metabolic Rate Can Help You Lose Weight

    In Food & Nutrition

    Metabolism. We hear it used all the time when people talk about their weight, “I can’t lose weight because my metabolism is too slow.” But what exactly does that mean? And is that really the case? With so much information floating around on this subject, it’s easy to get the facts mixed up. Let’s clear up how metabolism, or your metabolic system, works to help you manage your weight.

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