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  • Beef Stroganoff and Egg Noodles

    In Recipes

    This classic dish often contains butter and sour cream; our version uses lean beef and nonfat yogurt for all of the richness with less of the fat.

  • Sirloin Goat Cheese Quesadilla

    In Recipes

    This Mexican-inspired favorite is great for dinner or when served for a get-together with friends.

  • Rosemary Lamb Sandwich

    In Recipes

    This easy-to-prepare sandwich is freshened up with a delightful infusion of rosemary.

  • Steak and Potato Wedges

    In Recipes

    You can enjoy a traditional steak and potatoes meal on a medical weight loss plan – if you keep it light by using our recipe.  

  • Beef Salad with Asian Greens

    In Recipes

    Enjoy this Asian-inspired salad on its own, or spice it up a little by adding sambal oelek, a red chili-based sauce.

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