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*In a CMWL multicenter randomized trial involving 550 patients who followed a CMWL Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) or Modified LCD Program, both
with and without appetite suppressants, the average weight loss was 2 pounds per week over a 12-week period. The research was
wholly funded by an independent third party with the exception of travel expenses. According to a study published in 
The American Journal of Medicine, participants completing a 12-week medical weight loss program lost 11.1% of their body weight,
on average. Results may vary.

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Laura tried numerous weight loss programs before finding success with CMWL.

Age: 66

Total Weight Loss: 64 lbs* READ HER STORY


After years of unsuccessful diets, Travis decided it was time to try something different. He and his wife were worried about his health due to his weight and they found the answer with CMWL.

Age: 51

Total Weight Loss: 180 lbs* READ HIS STORY


Being in the right place at the right time helped Maryanne lose 100 pounds and counting.

Age: 44

Total Weight Loss: 100 lbs* READ HER STORY


Sheila was tired of being overweight, but once she made up her mind to team up with Dr. Schermerhorn and the CMWL program, she never looked back.

Age: 47

Total Weight Loss: 74 lbs* READ HER STORY


First, Audrey learned how to be happy and healthy on inside. Then, she focused on being healthy on the outside one day at a time.

Age: 24

Total Weight Loss: 80 lbs* READ HIS STORY


Linda had tried every kind of fad diet, but each left her feeling frustrated and discouraged. Those feelings ended when she turned to CMWL.

Age: 64

Total Weight Loss: 61 lbs* READ HER STORY


Mindy was on the verge of going on insulin, which made her realize it was time to get her weight under control. After coming to CMWL, she never looked back.

Age: 55

Total Weight Loss: 38 lbs* READ HER STORY


Emily had accepted obesity and diabetes to be her fate until her life took a turn in an unexpected direction that motivated her to change her habits for good.

Age: 41

Total Weight Loss: 63 lbs* READ HER STORY


Working with a trained weight loss physician gave Sandra the tools to lose weight for life. Her primary care physician said he had never seen a patient lose as much weight without weight-loss surgery!

Age: 63

Total Weight Loss: 140 lbs* READ HER STORY


Wendi believes in the CMWL plan so much she went from patient to employee! As Practice Manager of her local center, she is able to share her story and inspire new patients to achieve their very own weight loss goals.

Age: 46

Total Weight Loss: 50 lbs* READ HER STORY


Lisa believed heart disease was her destiny, something out of her control. But a surprising cancer diagnosis motivated her to change her health for good.

Age: 52

Total Weight Loss: 62 lbs* READ HER STORY


She was on the verge of giving up and isolated herself because she wasn't comfortable with who she had become. Everything changed with her first visit to CMWL.

Age: 32

Total Weight Loss: 204 lbs* READ HER STORY


Where other weight loss programs failed, the CMWL helped Jim lose close to half his body weight. Having a doctor support him every step of the way made all the difference…a difference so big his own friends didn’t recognize him!

Age: 59

Total Weight Loss: 192 lbs* READ HIS STORY


Vinny suffered from back pain and a fatty liver before turning to CMWL. Now he's pain free, healthy, and has the energy to play sports with his sons again.

Age: 42

Total Weight Loss: 49 lbs* READ HIS STORY


She was more than 90 pounds overweight and felt a lack of control. But her CMWL physician taught Robin how to eat healthier and kept her motivated to lose weight. Today she has more energy, feels great, and plans to stick to the CMWL lifestyle for the long term.

Age: 50

Total Weight Loss: 70 lbs* READ HER STORY


She put on more than 80 pounds over two pregnancies and couldn't stay motivated to lose the weight. But by following the CMWL program, Carmela worked with her doctor to change her eating habits – and was able to lose the weight and regain self-confidence.

Age: 38

Total Weight Loss: 33 lbs* READ HER STORY

Mark M.

When he was younger, Mark M. was an athlete who didn’t worry about his weight. But as the pounds crept on, he knew he needed to make a lifestyle change. Now he has more energy, thinks differently about food, and feels better than ever.

Age: 38

Total Weight Loss: 52 lbs* READ HIS STORY


She had tried other weight-loss programs with little success. But when Betty started with CMWL, she also began a walking routine and saw her health greatly improve. Best of all: She’s lost more weight than ever before.

Age: 60

Total Weight Loss: 126 lbs* READ HER STORY


After having no success with other weight loss plans, Lori started with CMWL to improve her health. Today, not only has she lowered her blood pressure and reduced her meds, but she's also learned how to eat healthier for the long term.

Age: 46

Total Weight Loss: 46.5 lbs* READ HER STORY

Mark N.

When his weight loss journey began, Mark N. was skeptical that he could follow the CMWL plan. But now, 90 pounds lighter, with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and feeling better than ever, he credits CMWL for helping him save his own life.

Age: 50

Total Weight Loss: 86 lbs* READ HIS STORY


Joanne is overcoming her eating disorder and losing weight with the help of her CMWL physician, Dr. Drabick. Though her biggest challenge is dealing with her feelings about comforting herself with food, CMWL sees her through her ups and downs.

Age: 58

Total Weight Loss: 112 lbs* READ HER STORY


Heart disease ran in her family and she was dealing with a knee injury that led to her being less active, so Dora's goal was to lose 50 pounds in one year. It took a lot of little steps to get to the new Dora, but now she feels healthier than ever.

Age: 54

Total Weight Loss: 51.5 lbs* READ HER STORY


At age 57, Donna didn't think it was possible to lose weight. Yet the CMWL program gave her back her life. Now her cholesterol and blood pressure are normal, she feels more confident - and she loves being able to wear whatever she wants!

Age: 59

Total Weight Loss: 44.5 lbs* READ HER STORY


Seeking a cure for her knee pain led Cynthia to CMWL – and ended a cycle of obesity that ran in her family. Now she has a sense of accomplishment that she was able to lose the weight on her own - without the use of surgery.

Age: 50

Total Weight Loss: 72 lbs* READ HER STORY


With support from her CMWL doctor and her family, Cheryl was able to lose weight at a steady pace – and keep it off. She now weighs nearly the same as the day she got married 18 years ago – and feels better than she has in years!

Age: 43

Total Weight Loss: 77 lbs* READ HER STORY


Wayne credits CMWL with getting him started losing weight and letting him return to work full-time. Now his medical conditions are under control, he no longer needs his cane to walk - and, most importantly, CMWL has given him back his life.

Age: 59

Total Weight Loss: 44 lbs* READ HIS STORY

Dr. Pinto

When he opened his own medical weight loss center, Dr. Pinto also started on the program – and watched the pounds and inches come off. He has more energy, improved his health, and relearned how to eat so he'll never be overweight again.

Age: 37

Total Weight Loss: 25 lbs* READ HIS STORY


Though he’d tried dieting in the past, this time Frank learned how to eat healthier (with occasional treats!) so he can keep off the weight long term. He’s also reducing his medications and can do more day-to-day activities with ease.

Age: 52

Total Weight Loss: 35 lbs* READ HIS STORY