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Success Story:Sporty Dad Makes a Comeback



Dr. Giannakopoulos(Westbury,NY)

Starting Weight: 236.5 pounds

Current Weight: 188.5 pounds

Total weight lost: 49 pounds*

*In a CMWL multicenter randomized trial involving 550 patients who followed a CMWL Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) or Modified LCD Program, both with and without appetite suppressants, the average weight loss was 2 pounds per week over a 12-week period. The research was wholly funded by an independent third party with the exception of travel expenses. According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, participants completing a 12-week medical weight loss program lost 11.1% of their body weight, on average. Results may vary.

"I’ve had back problems for the past 12 years...Now I have no pain at all."

For a long time I was feeling very lazy and slow. I just decided I’d had enough of feeling that way. I also discovered I had a fatty liver and the only way to fix it was to get rid of excess fat. In the end, it was my family who motivated me to lose the weight for good. 

In the past I had tried fasting, as well as Weight Watchers, and had not seen great results. Then I remembered that my friend from school, Dr. Giannakopoulos (Dr. G), was a weight loss physician, so I looked him up on Facebook. I read about his work with The Center for Medical Weight Loss, gave his office a call, and decided to give it a try.  

The CMWL program was different because it gave me an easy place to start. Even though I knew I would ultimately have to learn how to make better food choices, beginning the program on meal replacements meant I didn’t have to think about what to eat and how to prepare it. I will admit, getting used to having the protein shakes and bars did take some adjustment. But after about three weeks I got into a groove, and it just became a part of my everyday routine. Even after I lost my weight and started to reintroduce common foods back into my diet, I still rely on the shakes and bars to help me maintain my healthy weight. Now I have 2 shakes and sometimes a bar each day, but also eat eggs, chicken, whole wheat bread, fish, steak and even pretzels as an occasional snack. 

Of course I had cravings for certain foods, which was what I had expected. But before indulging, I would literally stop and think about whether it was worth having. Dr. G helped me change my attitude towards food. I was able to learn that some foods just aren’t worth the empty calories, and I could choose something healthier and better.

Benefits of Losing Weight

The best part about losing weight is being able to be run around with my sons. I coach their baseball teams, so now I can join in without feeling short of breath. I feel energized and always ready to go. I look forward to going to the gym, playing sports and, just running around with my kids. I just feel great.

Losing the weight has improved my health tremendously. Firstly, my fatty liver returned to a normal, healthy state and secondly, I am no longer experiencing back pain. I’ve had back problems for the past 12 years and it was hard for me to bend down. Now I can bend down with no pain at all. I can also drive for long periods of time without worrying about pain. Just two hours used to leave me feeling sore, but I recently drove 6 1/2 hours to Virginia Beach pain free! 

I know I can keep the weight off long term thanks to the program Dr. G created for me. I also just look at old pictures and videos and realize I don’t want to go back to looking that way ever again. CMWL makes losing weight very simple. I honestly feel that there is nothing else out there that is this easy to follow. 


Vinny's Weight Loss Success Tips

Favorite CMWL Product:Chocolate Graham Crunch Bars

Top Tip to Stay Motivated:Think about how great you feel and look with the weight off.

What I Like Best About CMWL:My Physician Dr. G. He helped me see and think about things in different ways.

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